Expressive Therapy Program
Arts Therapy for children in trauma

KidsXpress provides expressive therapy for children who are facing emotional trauma, focussing on long term outcomes. Supported by international academic research and qualified therapists, the KidsXpress program is a world-first, combining music, art, drama and play therapies into a group therapy model for children. The program is underpinned by an understanding of the importance of early intervention, the transformative power of expressive therapies, creativity, and play, and the incredible ability of the brain to change itself ('brain plasticity'). For children with limited language skills and vocabularies, and particularly for children impacted by trauma who may be unable to put ideas into speech, expression through art, music, movement, or play empowers them to express themselves without the need for words. We are proud to have supported 4 children to go through the program.

Why did we fund this project? Childhood trauma has a profound effect in the Australian community – and its impacts are felt by everyone. The long term effects of childhood trauma are often the most visible: broken relationships and families, violence, abuse & neglect, homelessness, drug and alcohol dependence, mental illness, and unemployment. These can often be linked back to the impacts of unresolved childhood trauma. But with early and appropriate intervention – these impacts can be managed and minimised.

The KidsXpress expressive therapy program gives children the experience of doing, making, and creating. This in turn helps energise, redirect attention and focus, and alleviate emotional stress. This is a practical demonstration of the Nelson Meers Foundation's strong and deeply held commitment to the therapeutic power of the arts.

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