Telling the Truth
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Australian Conservation Foundation

Demonstrating the way in which the arts can be utilised to create positive social change, the Nelson Meers Foundation supported the extraordinary ACF documentary, "Telling the Truth".

Beginning in September 2007 in Melbourne when former US Vice President Al Gore completed the training of 250 Australian-based Climate Project presenters, this moving documentary reveals the personal commitment made by seven Climate Project presenters who volunteer their time to bring the climate change message to their family, friends and networks.

The documentary is part of the ACF's strategy to educate all Australians about climate change, and to create grass roots momentum on this most important issue. "Telling the Truth" is the vehicle which will allow the ACF to give people who want to make a real difference an opportunity to become involved in the Climate Project Connectors program. The Climate Project Connectors program aims to connect those with the desire to do something, to the knowledge that can make it happen, through the medium of the film. Climate Project Connectors will be asked to show the "Telling The Truth " documentary to their community, and harness the enthusiasm it generates to stimulate a specific Connectors project. This could be anything from joining a community walking bus to organising a solar hot water bulk buying scheme. The program will enable these individuals to be the vital link between their communities and actions that can make a real difference to global warming.

The Climate Reality Project

Image credit: The Hon Mr Al Gore, image courtesy The Australia Conservation Foundation & The Climate Project Australia