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Production Support

Belvoir is one of Australia's most innovative and acclaimed theatre companies. Under Artistic Director Eamon Flack and Executive Director Sue Donnelly, Belvoir engages Australia's most prominent and promising playwrights, directors, actors and designers to realise an annual season of work that is dynamic, challenging and visionary. As well as performing at home, Belvoir regularly tours its work both nationally and internationally.

Belvoir's strong community roots are also reflected in its far-reaching education and outreach programs, which focus on access for the unwaged and workshops for disadvantaged young people in metropolitan and regional centres.

Why did we fund this project? One of Belvoir's defining features is that it's not only a home for the great old crafts of acting and storytelling; it's a platform for the voices in our community that won't otherwise be heard. This is a place where conversations are started and significant issues that affect our community, and our place within it, are given context and perspective.


  • Belvoir Sami in Paradise 2 470x300
  • Belvoir Sami in Paradise 3 470x300
  • EveryBrilliantThing PhotoBrettBoardman C1 009269 470x300
  • Belvoir A Taste of Honey 470x300
  • Belvoir Sami in Paradise 470x300
  • Belvoir Sami in Paradise 3 470x300
  • BELVOIR ATasteOfHoney PhotoBrettBoardman 007765 470x300
  • Belvoir EveryBrilliantThing PhotoBrettBoardman C2 002378 470x300
  • EveryBrilliantThing PhotoBrettBoardman C1 009274 470x300
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