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SCCI: Culture and Ideas
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Fashion and Architecture Hub

SCCI, a Hub series fashioned as the newest evolution of the re-named Sherman Contemporary Art Foundation, launched in April 2018. It provided a vibrant platform for the exchange of the most challenging and engaging ideas on architecture and fashion, within the broader context of culture.

SCCI's 2020 programmes for the Fashion Hub (19-28 March, 2020) and Architecture Hub (8-17 October, 2020) once again elevated the conversations around fashion and architecture to prominence alongside other forms of cultural expression. For 2020, SCCI curated the FASHION HUB, a series of deep-dive forums, keynotes, podcasts and talks – all streamed online by necessity given the Covid-19 national lockdown.

In April/May 2019, Nelson Meers Foundation supported the presentation costs for key note speaker, Angelica Cheung. Angelica is the Editor in Chief of Vogue China and spearheaded the launch and now ongoing growth of Vogue China. Vogue China is widely recognized in fashion and publishing circles as a pioneering influence reaching the young, digitally active generation.

In September/October 2018, Nelson Meers Foundation supported the Public Film Programme within the Architecture Hub including diverse topics from the Future of Architecture to Ethical Architecture to Women and Architecture.

In April/May 2018, Nelson Meers Foundation supported the Domestic Speakers and Workshop fees for the Fashion Hub that aimed to begin a conversation to elevate fashion to a more prominent position alongside other art forms.

Why did we fund this project? SCCI continues the work of the Sherman Contemporary Art Foundation in bringing challenging ideas of innovation and creative expression to the forefront. This interdisciplinary platform enables participants to deeply engage with fashion and architecture and subsequently our contemporary culture.

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