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SCCI [Fashion and Architecture Hub]
  • SCCI 1 470x300 Nishizawa Teshima Art Museum Kagawa Japan 2010 Contributor Office of Ryue Nishizawa
  • SCCI 2 470x300 Kengo Kuma and Associates Waterloo Tower Sydney Australia Architects impression scheduled for completion 2020 Contributor Kengo Kuma and Associates
  • SCCI 3 470x300 Cox Architecture Inner City School Strategy Courtyard Contributor Cox Architecture Director Christina Cho
  • SCCI 4 470x300 Gail Sorronda The Divine Feminine 2017 Photographer Emilie Elizabeth Contributor Gail Sorronda
  • SCCI 5 470x300 Matharoo Associates Prathama Blood Centre Ahmedabad India 2001 Courtesy Matharoo Associates
  • SCCI 6 470x300 Vogue India The Travelling Jacket Contributor Vogue India Editor at Large Bandana Tewari Photographer Marie Barsch

Fashion and Architecture Hub

SCCI, a Hub series fashioned as the newest evolution of the re-named Sherman Contemporary Art Foundation, launched in April 2018. It provides a vibrant platform for the exchange of the most challenging and engaging ideas on architecture and fashion, within the broader context of culture.

In April/May 2018, Nelson Meers Foundation supported a range of speakers within the Fashion Hub with the aim of beginning a conversation to elevate fashion to a more prominent position alongside other art forms.

In September/October 2018, Nelson Meers Foundation supported the Public Film Programme within the Architecture Hub, which included diverse topics from the Future of Architecture to Ethical Architecture to Women and Architecture.

Why did we fund this project? SCCI continues the work of the Sherman Contemporary Art Foundation in bringing challenging ideas of innovation and creative expression to the forefront. This interdisciplinary platform enables participants to deeply engage with fashion and architecture and subsequently our contemporary culture.

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