Urban Theatre Projects [Black Box]
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  • Urban Theatre Travis Cardona recording his short work Dave at Gadigal Radio 470x300

Urban Theatre Projects
Black Box Program

From its base in Sydney's south west, Urban Theatre Projects (UTP) finds new ways to tell contemporary Australian stories, re-imagining what theatre can be and who it can be for. UTP's artistic model involves 'matchmaking' artists with residents, scientists, businesses or industry leaders to create the spark of invention. In this process non-artists become an essential part of an artist-led creative process, with mutually beneficial outcomes.

UTP has a curatorial approach to making work, where a number of artists respond to a common theme that has a universal power to connect and/or topical currency: such as climate change or the concept of family. UTP works with diverse artists, across cultures and generations – writers, visual artists, filmmakers and musicians in addition to theatre-makers – to respond to the theme from their perspective, through installation, film, music or performance.

Why did we fund this project? The Nelson Meers Foundation is supporting UTP's Black Box program initiative, which builds on the success of UTP's B-Side project, in which artists collaborate with one another and industry professionals to develop a short fictional essay/monologue, which is then recorded, post-produced and published on iTunes.

The Black Box is a state of the art acoustic box for audiences of 30 at a time to experience the B Side works. It is a tour ready performance environment, allowing the B Side works to reach a broader audience in a more intimate and personal way.