Documentary Australia Foundation [SheDoc]
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Documentary Australia Foundation
SheDoc Campaign

Documentary Australia Foundation, in partnership with Screen NSW and Rode Microphones, have launched the SheDoc initiative to make a pivotal contribution to women's filmmaking careers and encourage greater participation of women in documentary filmmaking.

The fellowship is open to women working in documentary at any stage of their professional life and in any key role and aims to:

• To encourage new voices;
• To enable skills to be consolidated or developed;
• To assist projects to be kick started or completed
• To assist in building strategic audience engagement strategies.

Up to 4 grants a year will be awarded

Why did we fund this program? Nelson Meers Foundation is committed to supporting women in the arts. Culture and the arts are essential means by which human beings explain their experience, shape their identity and imagine the future.

For further information and to donate the SheDoc, CLICK HERE to be redirected to Documentary Australia Foundation.

CLICK HERE to view a short promo about SheDoc.