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The KidsXpress vision is to create generational change by inspiring children to thrive. KidsXpress provides a specialist, early- intervention Expressive Therapy program for children aged 4-14 impacted by trauma. Uniquely combining music, art, drama & play therapy in a group therapy context for children, the KidsXpress program enhances the emotional wellbeing of children and reduces the impact of trauma on their development. The KidsXpress model aims to intervene early, potentially breaking a cycle of trauma, and giving children a better chance to achieve their potential. KidsXpress is a non-profit organisation.

KidsXpress has two delivery models: the first via a dedicated therapy centre in Sydney's Moore Park; the second is via an Outreach model where therapy is delivered in schools and community settings within inner Sydney and Western Sydney regions.

The KidsXpress program has been endorsed by clinical research, which shows that the unique elements of the Expressive Therapy program creates an ideal therapeutic intervention, designed to meet the cognitive, emotional and psycho-social needs of children who have experienced trauma or prolonged psychological stress.

The Nelson Meers Foundation is supporting the creation of KidsXpress Xpression Kits to help children participating in the program to continue their Expressive Therapy journey at home. By bringing colour, art, craft, expression and joy into family homes, KidsXpress can help children to continue to discover, process and engage with their emotions and creative needs long after they have completed the KidsXpress program.

Why did we fund this program? We believe that art is an important therapeutic tool in dealing with trauma. The marked improvements perceived in the emotional wellbeing of children participating in the KidsXpress program can be life-changing, impacting not only on the children themselves but rippling through their families, classrooms and beyond into the wider community. We are delighted to be able to support an initiative that will assist in bringing the benefits of this important program into the children's homes.

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Click here to read the KidsXpress Program Review, celebrating 10 years of impact 2007-2017

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