Centre for Social Impact

Graduate Certificate Scholarship for an Arts practitioner

The Centre for Social Impact (CSI) at the University of New South Wales brings together the business, government, philanthropic and third (not-for-profit) sectors, in a collaborative effort to build community capacity and facilitate social innovation.

CSI brings a sense of urgency to the task of building a civil society that is open, inclusive and sustainable, driven by its core commitments to collaboration, transparency through accountability and flexibility. The CSI teaching program is aimed at supporting the next generation of leaders, providing professional development, mentoring and networking opportunities. The Nelson Meers Foundation was delighted to have supported a scholarship for a CSI student working in the arts and culture sector in 2011.The scholarship was won by Dale Hollingsworth from Object: Australian Centre for Design.

Why did we fund this project? We believe in building the sustainability of the not-for-profit sector.  This scholarship enabled us to ensure that the cultural sector participates in the social innovation represented by the Centre for Social Impact.



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Centre for Social Impact [Scholarship for an Arts Practitioner]