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The Nelson Meers Foundation is proud to have supported the 2017 world premiere of Sydney Dance Company's Orb, featuring the latest creation from Artistic Director Rafael Bonachela, and the Company's first ever collaboration with Taiwanese choreographer, Cheng Tsung-lung.

Bonachela's Ocho, meaning eight in Spanish, marks his eighth year with the Company and showcases eight virtuosic dancers. Fusing an industrial dreamscape with a surging electronic score by Nick Wales featuring haunting vocals by Aboriginal singer Rrawun Maymuru of the Mangalili clan, Ocho explores the infinite connections that exist between us all.

Full Moon by Cheng Tsung-lung, the Artistic Director of Taiwan's phenomenal Cloud Gate 2, completes the double bill. This striking new piece harnesses the power of the moon and the mythology and poetry of mankind to thrill the audience.

"Living in our modern world, the vibrant city lights have endlessly fascinated me and occupied the interspaces of my sight and feelings at night. On the contrary, the moon, nature's symbolic beauty of night, shines light into my eyes and helps me uncover the mysteries of the unconscious world which I do not know, yet I feel exist." (Cheng Tsung-lung)

Why did we fund this project? The SDC, under Rafael's leadership, is one of the world's pre-eminent dance companies. We strongly believe in supporting greater opportunities for our premiere artistic companies to create new and innovative work.

Orb was performed 29 April – 27 May 2017 in Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra.

For further information regarding Orb and the Sydney Dance Company, click here.

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