Benjamin Forster Discourse 2010
MCA Australia: Primavera

An exhibition at The Museum of Contemporary Art

4 October to 2 December 2012

In a world of Twitter and Facebook, 24-hour news cycles and two-minute attention spans, re- imagine the world from a slower and more considered perspective in Primavera 2012. Enter into the imaginary territories, spiritual landscapes and private interior realms of seven young artists from around the country and explore the way art can take us to realms that exist outside of the everyday.

Discover new artwork ranging from drawing, printmaking, film and video to performance, installation and photography in the 21st edition of Primavera, the MCA’s annual exhibition of Australian artists aged 35 years and under. Enjoy a moment to be intimate and contemplative with artworks that embrace expanded notions of self portraiture and explore the threshold between our interior self and the exterior world. Primavera 2012 invites us into invisible worlds of memories, beliefs, thoughts and daydreams that question the alternate realities we construct and inhabit on a daily basis.

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