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Stella Prize 2020 Shortlist

Stella Prize 2020: a readers’ guide to the contenders

27 March 2020
The Conversation

Words can help us imagine the world more deeply. Even as we retreat into our homes in this time of crisis, words can help us reach out to each other and pile up strength.

Chau Chak Wing Museum developments, looking east

University of Sydney's Chau Chak Wing Museum takes shape

6 August 2019
University of Sydney

Sydney’s newest museum is well under construction. Building of the Chau Chak Wing Museum continues, with construction scheduled for completion early next year.

Audience participation is a central feature of Kate Mulvany's performance. Photo by Brett Boardman

Every Brilliant Thing review: Kate Mulvany enlists audience

Ice cream. Things with stripes. The colour yellow. Staying up late.

When a mother attempts suicide, her seven-year-old daughter makes a list of everything wonderful in life. She hopes it will sustain her troubled mother.