Blake Prize 2013. Trevor Nickolls: Metamorphosis
2013 62nd Blake Prize Winners Announced 17 October 2013

62nd Blake Prize Winners announced
17 October 2013

"Metamorphosis" by Trevor Nickolls has been awarded the 62nd Blake Prize. The judges were unanimous in appreciation for both the painting's artistic expertise and its resonant engagement with the specific theme of the art prize. As the title implies, this work engages with ideas of transformation and the interrelationship of worldly elements and spirit. In the accompanying artistic statement, Nickolls (now deceased) closes by also highlighting his relation to kin: "My people come from the Murray River, Ireland and Afghanistan." Religion is very much a matter of relation.

The John Coburn Emerging Artist Award has been given to David Capra, whose "Jubilee Banners" — an installation of video and seven banners — reflect upon his own religious community and practice. In particular his work examines the agency attributed to various forms of religious activity, especially as instigating healing. David Capra describes himself as an intecessory artist. Intercession can be described as practices that initiate spiritual healing. Often his work is articulated through such gestures as the laying on of hands, flag waving, dance and glossolalia (speaking-in-tongues). His objects function as props, yielding towards ornamentation and layered with imagery streaming from visionary encounters.

Late Artist claims Blake Prize. The Australian, 18 October 2013 by Michaela Boland.

The 2013 Blake Prize Judges Comments.

Visit the 2013 Blake Prize exhibition at COFA UNSW. October 18 to November 16 2013