Milk Crate Theatre Full Circle
Milk Crate Theatre - Full Circle

27 August 2013 Presented by Natasha Mitchell

Full Circle asks the question: What is the story of mental health in the community and how can prejudices be challenged? Interviewer Natasha Mitchell believes that "the actors at Milk Crate Theatre bring a special kind of insight to their work; many have experienced homelessness or social marginalisation. In Full Circle they take their experiences direct to the audience, asking them in to create a different ending."  

Click here to listen to the ABC Life Matters Interview 27 August 2013. Original guitar by Owen Gill.

Full Circle Synopsis: Ruth has recently moved into her very own apartment. The sense of home and stability that she experiences with this move is hugely meaningful to her. After an incident involving a pair of scissors and an altered state of reality, Ruth finds herself locked out of her apartment, with nowhere to go. Full Circle examines the many perspectives at play when mental health needs and wider community perceptions find themselves at odds with each other. Placing the audience at the centre of the discussion, Full Circle explores the private and public attitudes towards mental illness in the community.

Full Circle deals with the issue of homelessness and link between this and mental illness. Full Circle explores experiences of psychosis, sleeping rough, social isolation and prejudice. Milk Crate Theatre invites you up out of your seat and into the production as you take an active role in contributing your thoughts and ideas to the issues presented in the show. The stories told within Full Circle have been generated by the Milk Crate Theatre Ensemble, a group of artists who have the lived experience of homelessness or social marginalisation.

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