Documentary Australia [Social Impact Measurement Framework]
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Documentary Australia Foundation Social Impact Measurement Framework

There is significant evidence that participation in cultural experiences exerts considerable influence on audience behaviours, ranging from building understanding within and between social groups, to inspiring people to act in meaningful ways to change their own and others lives. Yet little work has been done on developing a specific measurement framework that can be used to identify the contribution that participation in cultural experiences and associated audience engagement campaigns make to public debate, education, changed behaviours, social change and policy reform.

Why did we fund this organisation? A number of international studies have demonstrated that documentaries are an important tool for social change. As the only organisation in Australia working at the nexus of philanthropy and social impact documentary, Documentary Australia Foundation is perfectly positioned to take a leadership role in developing an evaluation framework and suite of tools that can be used by the broader cultural sector.

The Nelson Meers Foundation, in collaboration with the Dusseldorp Skills Forum, is delighted to have supported this important research. Documentary Australia Foundation will use the documentary I Am A Girl – a film documenting the myriad of issues faced by six young women from around the world as they come of age - as a pilot to develop the evaluation framework and tools.

For further information visit the I am a Girl website.