Sydney Story Factory

The Nelson Meers Foundation is proud to be supporting the Sydney Story Factory, a creative writing centre for children.

Inspired by 826 Valencia, a writing centre for children in San Francisco founded by novelist Dave Eggers and educator Ninive Caligari, the Sydney Story Factory is dedicated to developing creativity in our children. Whilst programs are open to all from age seven to seventeen, they are targeted at disadvantaged children, especially those from indigenous and non-English speaking backgrounds.

There is growing global awareness that the ability to think creatively and flexibly is key to preparing children for a future we cannot yet imagine. All programs at the Sydney Story Factory are designed to nurture the creativity that is innate to every child. Programs will increase children's abilities to express their thoughts and feelings, and give them new ways of understanding the world around them.

The Sydney Story Factory opened in mid 2012 in Redfern, having run pilot programs in local schools. It has since exponentially grown its' reach from the grass roots up; from rich engagement with the local community to a writing collaboration with the Ministry of Stories in London. The centre also includes The Martian Embassy and Gift Shop, a one-stop store selling everything a child needs for space travel and inter-galactic exploration. The shop acts as a portal, cultivating the enthusiasm children naturally have for imaginary worlds and transporting them to a place where the imagination is without bounds.

Why did we fund this organisation?  Imagination is a skill that every individual deserves to realise.  Without organisations like the Sydney Story Factory, the true expressive life of our future generations will be diminished.

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