De Quincey Co [The Stirring Project]
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The Stirring Project, De Quincey Co

De Quincey Co is Australia’s leading practitioner of Bodyweather, a broad-based training which draws upon both eastern and western performance traditions. The Stirring was a new site-specific work created at the CarriageWorks as part of Performance Space’s inter-cultural program in November 2007. Performances led audiences in and around the buildings in a labyrinth of experience shaped by dance, light, installation and sound.

CarriageWorks, at Sydney’s Eveleigh railway workshops, occupies one of Australia’s most important sites of industrial heritage. The workshops were the heart of the NSW transport system for over a hundred years and the hub of an exceptionally diverse and active local community. The industrial skeleton both reveals and obscures a European and Indigenous social history. De Quincey Co was the first performance group to create and present a work in direct response to the site’s riches and its embodied history.

Why did we fund this project?  De Quincey Co is one of Australia's most innovative dance performace companies, creating work at the intersection of dance, visual arts, theatre, music and performance. We support the company's mission to create a unique exchange for audiences, inviting them to connect, experience and explore.

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