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Documentary Australia [Capacity Building]
  • 1 470x300 As Worlds Divide
  • 2 470x300 Black is Inclusive
  • 3 470x300 Croker Island Exodus
  • 4 470x300 Ebony
  • 5 470x300 Frackman
  • 6 470x300 Inside Out

Documentary Australia
Capacity Building

Documentary Australia (DAF) is Australia's only independent, non-profit initiative bringing philanthropists and filmmakers together to create positive social change. Storytelling has an undeniable power to engage empathy, raise awareness, and inspire action in social change initiatives. By forging pathways to new audiences through collaborations with the social sector and philanthropic funders, DAF amplifies the profile and impact of community-focused issues through documentary.

DAF also adds value to partnerships between filmmakers and funders through outreach workshops and donor and filmmaker education, in addition to making tax-deductible donations possible.

Since launching in November 2008, to 2015, DAF has facilitated development, production and outreach funding for more than 600 documentary films.

Why did we fund this organisation?  A number of international studies have demonstrated that documentaries are an important tool for positive social change. As the only organisation in Australia working at the nexus of philanthropy and social impact documentary, Documentary Australia Foundation has taken a leadership role in bringing together like-minded partners to create maximum impact. We are proud to be able to contribute to DAF’s long term sustainability by funding core operating costs.

For further information visit the Documentary Australia website.