Kaldor Public Art Projects [Marina Abramovic]
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Kaldor Public Art Projects
Marina Abramovic: In Residence

For 45 years Kaldor Public Art Projects (KPAP) has invited the world's leading international artists to create groundbreaking projects in Australia. These projects have resonated around the world and have transformed Australia's contemporary art landscape.

Marina Abramovic has pioneered performance as a visual art form since the 1970s and has become one of the most celebrated and iconic artists of our time. KPAP developed a new project with Abramovic, combining elements of the artist's latest and most innovative art experiences. The work in Sydney was drawn from her prototypes for the "Marina Abramovic Institute" and the 512 Hours exhibition. The Project featured June-July 2015 at Pier 2/3 in Sydney's Walsh Bay. We supported a 12 day Artist Residence program, which saw a number of Australian artists working intensively with Marina in a cross-cultural exchange involving dance, performance art, music and choreography, together with speakers from the public program for the exhibition.

Why did we fund this project? The Residency Program created a range of artistic and professional opportunities for the artists involved and for the broader community. The Program also created a new experimental model for discussion and artistic investigation that incorporated public performance and audience interaction.


24 June - 05 July 2015 
12 noon - 7pm daily

Pier 2/3 
Hickson Road, Walsh Bay, Sydney

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