Belvoir Street Theatre
Community Access Program

Belvoir's Community Access Program increases community engagement and accessibility to Belvoir productions and helps people overcome the financial and social barriers that prevent them from engaging with cultural life. The program aims to level the playing field by providing cultural access to some of the most vulnerable members of our community.

Why did we fund this project? The Nelson Meers Foundation supported the major redevelopment of the Belvoir St Theatre in 2007. In 2016, we have supported 100 free tickets to each Belvoir Indigenous production (at least 2 per year), which we believe to be a very positive initiative to encourage and broaden Indigenous creativity in theatre. 

  • Belvoir 4 470x300 AChristmasCarol Rehearsal BP 5472
  • Belvoir 5 470x300 BrothersWreck Production BP 6237
  • Belvoir 6 460x300 BrothersWreck Production MG 3729
  • Belvoir 7 470x300 C1 2379
  • Belvoir 7 470x300 C1 2379
  • Belvoir 8 470x300 Radiance Production C1 5101
  • Belvoir 10 470x300 2014 BrothersWreck RehearsalRoom BP 8101
  • Belvoir 9 470x300 2014 BrothersWreck RehearsalRoom BP 7889
Belvoir Street Theatre [Community Access Program]