The Climate Institute
Photography Fellowship

Nelson Meers Foundation is proud to have supported The Climate Institute's Inaugural Photographic Fellow, awarded to distinguished photographer Michael Hall, for work that brings a human face to the climate change story.

Michael is a New Zealand-born, Sydney-based award winning professional photographer who has been in the field for over 20 years. A near fatal cycling accident with a semi-trailer in 2007 and a life-changing period of recovery, reflection, and inspiration strengthened his resolve to tackle one of the biggest challenges the world faces: climate change.

Michael's project explored human impacts on the landscape, visually telling three powerful stories: the causes of climate change; impacts; and the way forward – the solutions to the enormous societal challenge presented by climate change. He used this body of work to both bring about awareness and facilitate change. In his words: "Images, like nothing else, cut through the rhetoric of politics, written word and speech."

Michael's work has been lauded by some prominent individuals including UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon; Professor Dexter Dunphy AM; Professor Tim Flannery; and New York Walter Randel Gallery Curator Yoo-Jong Kim. As Fellow of The Climate Institute, Michael is focusing on China and Australia.

Michael's work can be viewed in The Climate Institute's multimedia gallery; he also has a blog.

‘The Story of Our Planet’, a photographic exhibition of works by Michael Hall, curated by The Climate Institute. Customs House 31 July to 5 Sep 2014. Click here for furher information.

Why did we fund this Project? The Climate Institute's Fellowship Program aims to foster collaborative and pioneering communications approaches. Through the Program, fellows seek ways to put a human face to one of the most challenging social issues facing Australia and the world – climate change.


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