CuriousWorks [Community Program]
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Community Program

Based in Western Sydney, CuriousWorks interrogates and celebrates Australia's cultural diversity through performance, film, digital arts, music and visual art. CuriousWorks’ program is made up entirely of new writing from communities that are typically invisible and seeking to be heard. The work blends deep cultural understanding with an innovative use of contemporary art forms, and each project is nurtured carefully over several years and partnered with key cultural organisations both local and international for maximum cultural impact, and to reach large audiences.

Underpinning CuriousWorks’ work is its distinctive community arts and cultural development model, recognised by industry bodies as nation-leading. It focuses on identification and intensive capacity building of local emerging talents from backgrounds that might otherwise never have an opportunity to build a career in the arts. The company is steadily growing a new generation of storytellers from working class, First Nations and CALD communities in Western Sydney – writers, directors, cinematographers, actors, devisors, producers, performers and technicians. Together this radical ensemble – the ‘Curious Creators’ - is establishing itself as a powerful and distinctive force in their local communities. Under mentorship and training from CuriousWorks, they are forging genuinely long-term social and economic impacts in their localities, alongside creating celebrated cultural outcomes for broader audiences.

In 2017, Nelson Meers Foundation further supported CuriousWorks' Colony and Westside projects.

Why did we fund this project? CuriousWorks has a thriving community arts program that reaches out to communities in Western Sydney to explore, enjoy and create artistic works that are authentic, beautiful expressions of culture, life experience and are personal stories. Support from the Nelson Meers Foundation has offered structure and resources to ensure that these partnerships are nurtured for the long term, and are built upon solid relationships, trust and reciprocity.

The Story behind Riz, CURIOUSWORKS’ debut feature film