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NSW Premier’s Contemporary Asian Art Teaching Scholarship

The Nelson Meers Foundation is proud to have supported the Premier’s Teaching Scholarships, a program designed with a vision of global educational exchange to assist our best teachers to further their knowledge and skills.

Partnering with Dr Gene and Brian Sherman (and with David and Angela Kent in 2011) the Nelson Meers Foundation funded the inaugural Contemporary Art Teaching Scholarship, which allowed a NSW teacher to undertake an international study tour to visit some of the world’s finest institutions and centres of learning. The 2011 scholarship winner was Carol Carter, who travelled to China. The theme of her study tour was “New Art China – Photo Media”.

"I became an art teacher through my love of artmaking. Art allows the creation of interpretative and personal works and photography has held a special fascination. I can still remember watching an image emerge from a developing tray, rays of light transformed into something tangible, a time capsule. I love that photography is the physical evidence of light." Contemporary Photomedia in China, Carol Carter, 2012.

The 2013 winner was Sueanne Matthews who visited Taiwan. The theme of her study tour was "Re-Orient: Dis-Orient" and she explored the coercive qualities of coactivity in artistic production in Taiwan, with a particular focus on the artists' use of materials in the new geological era.

Why did we fund this scholarship?  We strongly believe in supporting all layers of the cultural sector. Our teachers are an invaluable resource.  Without them, our ability to encourage greater participation in the cultural sector, and more considered understanding of the world around us, is diminished.

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NSW Premier’s Contemporary Asian Art Scholarships