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One of the most renowned contemporary dance works of the 20th Century, William Forsythe's Quintett was created in 1993 in collaboration with Ballet Frankfurt dancers Dana Caspersen, Stephen Galloway, Jacopo Godani, Thomas McManus and Jone San Martin. Acknowledged as Forsythe's most poignant masterpiece, Quintett sheds light on a rarely seen aspect of Forsythe's work - at once delicate, tender, sublime, lyrical, heart–wrenching.

Sydney Dance Company presented the Australian premiere of Quintett as part of their premiere 2015 season, Frame of Mind, alongside a new work by Rafael Bonachela, set to a soundtrack by Bryce Dessner.

Why did we fund this project?  Quintett not only gave audiences access to a seminal work of contemporary international dance, but provided the SDC dancers with an invaluable opportunity to extend and explore their skills and creative capacity working with, and learning from, international artists of the highest calibre.


Inside William Forsythe's Quintett, YouTube, 4 Mar 2015
The Guardian, 5 Mar 2015: an  interview with Thomas
Sydney Morning Herald, 10 Mar 2015
Daily Review, 10 Mar 2015

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