Sydney Women’s Fund [Saluting Sydney Women]
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Sydney Community Foundation
Sydney Women’s Fund - Saluting Sydney Women

The Sydney Women’s Fund (SWF) is a sub-fund of the Sydney Community Foundation, which works for a community where all women and girls achieve their potential, live safely without fear of discrimination or disadvantage, and enjoy the full benefits of life in Sydney.  The SWF aims to create and grow a wave of philanthropy to improve the lives of women and girls in our city.

The ‘Saluting Sydney Women’ event celebrated women who had recently made partnership in law and accounting firms. This impressive group of women was treated to breakfast at the beautiful Art Gallery of NSW; a talk by Helen Conway, the Director of the Equal Opportunity for Women the Workplace Agency; and a private viewing of the recently opened Picasso exhibition. The theme of the breakfast was “You’ve made partner: now what?”, and aimed to encourage more professional women to work with the philanthropic and not-for-profit sectors.

Why did we fund this project?  This was a wonderful opportunity to encourage our talented business women to lend their skills to the philanthropic and not-for-profit sector.  This project speaks to our desire to encourage greater resilience within both these sectors.