The Funding Network
Pitch Coaching Workshop

The Funding Network (TFN) builds the capacity of grassroots charities by harnessing the power of storytelling via live crowdfunding events, then levers these to establish deeper donor connections to community through mentoring and skilled volunteering programs.

Prior to a TFN event, each presenting charity receives pitch coaching that turns organisational thinking into a logical and compelling storyline, one that can be easily understood by its intended audience. TFN steps through a process to help them to articulate their unique story: why they exist, what they do and how communities benefit from their work, to increase their chances of success in securing funding and support.

NMF is pleased to be supporting TFN to present a half day workshop and full day masterclass to the broader non-profit sector, specifically for charities in the arts field.

Why did we fund this project? We are delighted to be supporting this important capacity-building initiative aimed at assisting grassroots arts organisations in broadening their fundraising capacity.

For further information regarding The Funding Network Pitch Coaching workshop, click here.

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The Funding Network: Pitch Coaching Workshop